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The standards we have are Biblically based and will be upheld by all campers and
visitors. Cabins are not equipped to store candy or food. Please do not bring snacks.
No alcoholic beverages, street drugs, or tobacco in any form. No weapons of
any kind allowed on the camp. Do not bring electronic devices (games, mp3,
or CD player, etc.) No questionable music, books or magazines. Cell phones
must be turned in at night to a counselor. No shirts with questionable pictures
or emblems. Mixed swimming IS NOT permitted. All prescription medication
must be turned in at the camp office upon arrival. No physical contact allowed
between male and female campers. Any camper failing to comply with camp
rules will be sent home at the individual’s or church’s expense.

Ladies are required to wear modest skirts, dresses and “skirt-appearing” culottes. All
need to be to the bottom of the knee. No slits above the knee. No skirts worn low
on the hips. Modest one-piece bathing suits allowed FOR SWIMMING ONLY.
No sleeveless or bare midriff tops, or sun dresses. (Modest tops and blouses
only). No pants, gauchos or shorts. No body pierced jewelry on girls, except
for earrings. Causal dress clothes are recommended for evening services.

The following types of clothing ARE NOT TO BE WORN: see-through or mesh-like
material shirts, sleeveless shirts, sweat pants, oversized pants worn low on the hips.
Jeans or casual pants ARE allowed. Swim trunks or cutoffs (no denim) FOR
SWIMMING ONLY. Causal dress clothes are recommended for the evening
services. Men will not be allowed to wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets,
body pierced jewelry, etc. Hair must be off the ears and collar; no dyed or
carved hair styles.